While approaching for registering Organizations/People for COVID- 19 tests in BIDH Lab

  • 300 meters west from UN Park bridge at Sankhamul.
  • 800 meters east from Kupondole Bagmati bridge.
  • 500 meters east from Nepal Bar Association, Bagmati Corridor road.
  • If you have plan to travel in next 4 days.
  • People with the following symptoms are highly recommended to get tested:
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chills with rigors (repeated shakings)
    • Muscle pain
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhoea

Testing is also available, even if you do not have any symptoms and you are an essential worker with frequent contacts with the public in any sector or have come in contact with positive COVID-19 case.

Yes, our team will come for swab collection and deliver the report electronically.

A “close contact” refers to any people who has been exposed to a patients with presumed or confirmed COVID-19, while they were infectious.

No, a COVID-19 test does not protect you from the virus. Even negative result should not be considered as free to engage in social behaviour.

No, for all testing and for any number of people, appointment or registration via website or App or via calls need to be done.

We can be contacted anytime between 6:00 AM-10:00 PM every day and can fix the appointment for you as well as get you registered, OR our team can come and get you tested at your designated place.

No, there is no discount available currently.

Corporate discount is not available currently.

Such medicines are not available with us till date and COVID-19 test is not an alternative for immunity and immunity related medicine.

You can give us a call anytime or get registered from our website.

No, the COVID-19 insurance of yours doesn’t cover cost. Yet, you can talk to your organization or insurance company to find out if they have any such provision.

It is mandatory to bring at least one official ID.

Yes, immigrants can be tested too.

You will get the negative results within 5 hours. Positive results will be reconfirmed, so the result time might be delayed up to 24 hours. Example If, the sample is given or collected in 7 AM, then the result will come by 11AM but if the sample is collected after 7 PM, then the report will come the next day at 7 AM.

Yes, the service is available 24*7.

Preparing for the Test

Don’t eat or drink anything 1 hour before your test.

We suggest the person who has taken the appointment to come to the lab alone, to decrease the risk of exposure.


Results obtained using our technique are usually 99.9% 500 copies / micro ltr specific when the sample is collected as per protocol, on the right day and the tests performed as per the norms. Only, when both E gene and RdRp gene are detected in the sample, the patient is declared as positive for COVID- 19.

On the contrary a negative result might not always mean the absence of the COVID - 19 infection for the following reasons: a) When the sample has been collected too early, say within 1- 3 days of suspected infection, at a point when the patient has not started shedding sufficient amount of virus. In this case, it may be necessary to repeat the test in 3 to 7 days. b) When the sample has being collected too late say at 7 to 10 days of infection, when the viral load has fallen to undetectable levels. c) Poor/ failed sample extraction, handling, transportation and or storage.

a) When the same sample is tested again, a negative result may be due to poor sensitivity of alternate kit used by the second lab. b) When another sample is taken from the same patient on the same day and repeated, a negative result may be due to improper sample collection. c) If the second sample is taken after a few days, the viral load could have decreased and the result could turn out negative. In the test may be repeated after 24 hours to confirm a true negative report.

When the patient gets tested too early the first time (say within 2 days of infection), there is a) Chance of the test turning out false negative. On repeat, he may get positive findings. b) If the sample was not stored properly before testing the first time, the virus could have deteriorated and there by yielding a negative report. If it is suspected that the storage condition was not ideal, it is advisable to repeat the test with a fresh sample.

When a patient is tested positive for COVID-19, He/ she is quarantined and treated as per the ICMR and state Government guideline. After the recommended quarantined period, 1 RT-PCR Test should be done at an interval of at least 24 hours before declaring the subject virus free.

Yes, ICMR reports that 70 to 80 % of the COVID patients may be asymptomatic. But they may cause the infection to be transmitted to other susceptible individuals. If the person infected is immunosuppressed / Immunocompromised, or suffers from other comorbidities like Diabetes, Hypertension, Malignancy, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cardiac ailments etc., they can develop symptoms.

1. Register via website or give us a call 2. Provide us your details 3. Pay online or Pay onsite – 4. Date & Time will be provided 5. Visit our lab as per scheduled date and time 6. Give your sample 7. Receive your report

You can get the result in your mail itself, where you register to get tested.

The helpline number of BIDH lab is +97715533232