Laboratory Information Services:

BIDH Lab is using using reporting software for preparation of test report and storage of patient data by the name of ‘SWOSTHA.COM’. With SWOSTHA Platform- We are changing the course of how consumers, industries, or businesses related to the medical sector operates. All our test result will directly go from machine to computer via a secure interfacing technology. This Technique gives a completely error less Patient’s Report.

SWOSTHA is an innovative integrated health care platform to facilitate a health delivery system that touches multiple channels to target the right patients at the right time and in the right way. Swostha web and mobile application are launched to cater better care for patients, through technological advancement and access to digital health wallet.

BIDH Lab's appointment and registration can be done via Swostha by visiting——or by clicking on the register button in website. From report viewing, to having a separate patient portal and organizations' portal, "Swostha supports in technological advancement by health care upgradation and innovation eruption."